• Long Story, Short

    is from a very small, unknown city called Chicago. Three years ago she trekked across the country to the dangerous lands of Southern California in order to pursue a BFA in Film Production at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film & Media Arts.


    An award-winning director at the ripe old age of 21, Kendall has a diversified slate of short films, a feature in post-production, and more in development. Her most recent short — When Jeff Tried to Save the World (abbr. as "When Jeff..." because who has time for long titles) — stars Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), and is currently heading into the festival circuit.  Goldberg was hired to produce and direct a mockumentary short — Bark Mitzvah — and worked with Tony-Award-winning dog trainer extraordinaire, Bill Berloni, as well as 12 dogs and a cat. In fact, working with animals is her specialty. Animals and babies. She will only make a film if it contains some sort of animal and a few babies.


    That was just a joke. Not sure how it read, but at least she tried. (And when I say "she" I mean "me" because, clearly, I'm writing this about myself in the third person, since that's what everyone does for their website bios).

  • Hello & Welcome to a website all about me and my accomplishments!

    "I dream for a living.-Steven Spielberg"

    -Kendall Goldberg

  • Things I've Made

    The following are things I've made at some point in time...

    Swipe Right (Short), 2016

    Writer, Producer, Director

    Katie (Cameron Kelly) spends her night alone at the bar waiting for her Tinder date to show. When he doesn't, she meets Levi (Jimmy Seargeant) and they hit it off. Things escalate quickly, but not in the way she had hoped. When things take a turn for the worst, Katie can once again rest her case that she doesn't belong in the world of "modern dating."


    Password: swipe

    **Currently in festival circuit.

    Bark Mitzvah (Short), 2015

    Producer, Director

    A mockumentary-style short film that follows a Jewish family as they throw an extravagant, coming-of-age celebration...for their dog. Naturally, doggie drama abounds, but the family comes out stronger in the end. After all, you can't have a Bark Mitzvah without a little bite!


    Festival Wins

    Award of Merit | Best Shorts Competition 2015 | California

    Best Actress | Chelsea Film Festival 2015 | New York

    Best Screenplay | Chelsea Film Festival 2015 | New York

    Best Comedy Short | International Family Film Festival 2015| LA


    Official Selections

    Henley Film Festival 2015 | London

    Fort McMurry Film Festival 2015 | Canada

    NewFilmmakers International 2015 | New York

    Ruff Cuts Film Festival 2015 | Virginia

    International Chicago REEL Shorts Film Festival 2015

    Water (Short), 2014

    Producer, Director, Editor

    Trapped in a world of her own creation, a comatose girl struggles to differentiate between reality and dreams. She is haunted by memories of her past, and suffocates in the depths of her thoughts as she tries to wake up.


    Festival Wins

    Jury Award, Best Student Film | Oceanside International 2014 | CA

    Audience Choice, Best Student Film | Oceanside International 2014


    Official Selections

    HollyShorts Film Festival 2014
    Screened at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood

    Washing Away (Short), 2013

    Co-Writer, Producer, Co-Director, Editor

    A series of romantic vignettes looks into the lives of two different families in the 1960s. Love transcends time and space as two best friends, Emma and Daniel, reach pivotal points in their friendship, and discover their true feelings toward one another.


    Festival Wins

    Best Youth Directed Short | Portland Oregon Women's FF 2013

    Featured on Joseph Gordon Levitt's TV show, HitRECord, 2014

    Acquired for Distribution by IndieFlix SnagFilms


    Official Selections

    Viewfinders International 2013

    Albany FilmFest 2013

    Santa Monica Teen FF 2013

  • When Jeff Tried to save the world

    Short Film | Post-Production


    When the manager of a Winky's World is hit with the unexpected news of the bowling alley's closing, he does everything in his power to save his home from going out of business.

    The Lake Effect

    Feature Film | Post-Production


    Four childhood friends — Nate, Jess, Maria, and Greg — are home from college for the summer and venture to the old Michigan lake house for a weekend getaway. Tensions arise when Jess brings her new boyfriend Alex along for the trip. Nate was hoping it would be just like it was when they were kids, but everyone seems to be on different agendas. When the real reason Maria and Jess wanted to come up to the lake house is revealed, a shocking discovery in the lake leads to the unraveling of this once close-knit group of friends.

    when jeff tried to save the world

    Feature Film | Development


    When the manager of a Winky's World is hit with the unexpected news of the bowling alley's closing, he does everything in his power to save his home from going out of business.


    voices (working title)

    Short Film | Development


    Candyce, a washed-up voice actress, bags groceries at her local supermarket. She longs to be back in the industry she’s so passionate about, but her agent just can’t seem to find her a decent gig. It’s not until danger threatens the grocery store that Candyce realizes she can use her talents in ways she never thought possible.

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  • If you're IndieWire, Variety, or The Hollywood Reporter, please call me for more detailed answers.


    What is a Kendall?

    According to the Webster's Dictionary, a Kendall (noun) is a film-and-television-obsessed, passionate individual whose goal is to evoke emotion in her audiences through the art of storytelling.


    Kendall used in a sentence:

    Kendall strives to be a voice for the voiceless. She lives, breathes, and eats (both literally and figuratively) film.


    Why filmmaking?

    I am constantly asked "Why do you like making movies?"

    Weirdly, this is both one of the easiest and the hardest questions for me to answer.


    I've been making movies since before I can remember. I mean, even before my brain had the capacity to hold memories. It's something I've always done — something I was born to do. And as cheesy as that sounds, it's true. Telling stories has been engraved in my brain since I was a wee little baby.


    As to "why" I do this...Short answer, because I can't do anything else. Long answer, because I don't want to do anything else.

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